How Phelps United Guarantees Your Success

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Stop struggling with Amazon.

Sell your products to us instead!

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We understand the complexity of dealing with Amazon and have come up with a business model that will make things easier and more cost-effective for you.

We want to help by doing all the work for you, meaning: We will buy, stock, ship, market, and support your products on Amazon.

We pay you for the products, and become your brand's Authorized Strategic 3P Seller. We work with you to identify products to be sold or managed, purchase pricing, preferred sales price, and volumes. Then we buy your inventory, immediately place purchase orders and take stocking positions on products. We pay you fast, you get all the services of an agency, and we earn our money when we sell your products.

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You'll get our "no-risk guarantee": We'll purchase more than your current sales volume and ensure that your run rates will increase with no commitment required.

Your brand will be treated and protected like our own, because we help eliminate unauthorized sellers.

Your pricing policies, including MAP price, will always be maintained.

When you partner with us, here’s what you’ll get.

You'll always get high-touch management, frequent and easy communication, and regular insightful, deep analytic reporting that you won't get from Amazon or anywhere else.

You'll receive world-class customer service 24/7 and customer care that meets or exceeds compliance with the rules of any marketplace.

Phelps United eCommerce is the trusted eCommerce growth and marketplace partner of consumer and commercial brands. We are a premier Amazon “eCommerce Marketplace Accelerator”, helping brands thrive and grow their sales on the complex and ever-changing $500+ billion Amazon marketplace and enable additional reach to other popular marketplaces like Walmart, eBay, and more.

Stop struggling with Amazon.

Sell your products to us instead!

How Phelps United Guarantees Your Success